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Usage of mobile internet is growing constantly with more and more users

Usage of mobile internet is growing constantly with more and more users opting to use smart phones that allow them to access information and engage with several e-commerce service providers through their mobile phones. Smartphone’s have become very popular now a day’s which means that the web presence of your business has to be thoroughly expanded, giving your users an opportunity to access your website, online store or social app through any device and browser.

At PiperEdge Technologies, our professionals are experienced and skilled in the peculiarities of mobile web application development, user experience (UX) design, and especially, with all challenges of UI implementation (the difference in screen size of PC and a phone; incompatibility of the format and layouts of information available on the Internet with mobile devices and etc.). We provide all our clients with compatible mobile web applications which will be displayed properly on all required smart phones, tablets and browsers.


Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ventures:

  • Completely user friendly and SEO friendly mobile websites
  • Ensure eye-catching as well as interactive mobile websites
  • Provides different strategies of website accessibility
  • Team of experienced and qualified web designers and developers who keep themselves updated with the current technologies
  • Contents that ensure the interest of the readers
  • Site designed as per the current web standards
  • Clear resolution and visibility of the mobile web pages is guaranteed
  • Minimum downloading time
  • Appropriate mobile promotion

Our experienced team of Mobile Web Developers use Latest & Advanced Techniques to develop Mobile Websites according to web development standards. We create mobile websites that offers Mobile Website Compatibility in roughly all the mobile browsers. And having a mobile website offers lots of benefits along with running a normal website for your business.

Our mobile website development team of expert’s helps you in developing your website onto its mobile version and optimizes it as per your requirements. Mobile website development is crucial for any e-commerce businessman today simply because most people are now accessing links to your website through their mobile phones.

Accessing webpage’s through Blackberry, iPhone or Android phones are quite difficult if the navigation is not proper. PiperEdge Technologies understands the navigational problems for users who are frequently accessing information on their mobile phones. Our professionals keep this in mind and create an excellent mobile browsing experience for your all your visitors by integrating practical and aesthetic mobile web designs that highlights the significant aspects of your website without compromising on the communication strategy.

Exploit the expertise our web developers for your mobile application development initiatives and scrutinize the immediate boost in your business growth. Our mobile website developers are committed to deliver an easy to load, navigate, and search mobile website.


Being a famous mobile web company, we endeavor to cater the clients in the best possible manner. You can come and try out our services for the benefit of creating mobile based platforms and applications for your corporate websites, product and price catalogues, location finder features, event calendars, classifieds, e-commerce platform creation, online reservation of bookings or any such requirement that satisfies all our clients. So, get your mobile website designed by PiperEdge Technologies, and get assured of a successful mobile presence.

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